WWE Superstar Matt Riddle Makes Tonight Show Appearance

After joining WWE, Matt Riddle did not take long to become a highlight of WWE television, whether it was in NXT or the main roster. His in-ring skills and cool character work have helped him gain popularity. Riddle also appeared on the Tonight Show recently.

Matt Riddle also made a surprise appearance during the latest episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During the show, Fallon reached into the audience suggestion box and made up a scenario in which a prospective NBA Draft pick shot an onion ring like a hockey puck past a WWE Superstar.

Matt Riddle then made his way out, and so did Jalen Williams from Santa Clara. Riddle came out in his wrestling gear and even kicked off his flip-flops before putting his mask, blocker, and glove on.

Williams’ first shot beat Riddle short-side under his right leg and Riddle was not given another chance. Regardless, it was a fun moment that fans certainly enjoyed.

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