WWE Stars Were Very Unsure About The Future Of The Brand Split

Matt Hardy is a true veteran in the pro wrestling world, as he became a better wrestler over the years. Hardy is mostly popular as a tag team wrestler but he had his own singles career as well. Hardy also revealed what WWE stars thought about the future of WWE’s brand split.

The brand split remained one of the most interesting concepts in WWE, since its inception in 2004. In the end, some years were better than others as not every year was received well.

While speaking on the latest The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy revealed that WWE stars were very unsure about the future of the brand split.

“People were really unsure because they tried their best to like keep it underneath a tight lock and key. They did not want people to know just so we can get stooged off and they wanted to try and surprise people to get their legitimate reactions. You know, I think most guys would be trying to fill out writers during the day like, you know, so what am I doing in the next couple of weeks? Do you have any ideas? Can you give me like a hint or whatever but they were very tight-lipped about all of it.”

Matt Hardy had a solid run in WWE but is more than happy working in AEW right now along with his brother Jeff.

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