WWE Rejected Exploding Ring Idea For RAW Feud

WWE has a lot of ideas floating around during creative meetings. Some ideas might excite fans, but that doesn’t mean that they’re great ideas.

Omos and Bobby Lashley are still going at it on RAW. Only time will tell how things turn out, but one thing we know is that the ring will stay together. Wrestle Votes reports that the idea of an exploding ring was thrown out there, but it was squashed.

Over the course of the past week, there was an idea for a collapsing ring angle during the cage match tonight on RAW w/ Omos & Lashley. I’ve heard that idea got squashed over the weekend. Good. It’s way overplayed.

The exploding ring is a really cool effect, but it can grow old. Not every feud with two big men needs to feature such a gimmick. That doesn’t mean the exploding ring will never be seen again in Vince McMahon’s company.

WWE has many tricks up their sleeves to maintain interest and give fans a shocking moment. The exploding ring might not happen this time around, but you also never know what they might come up with as a replacement.

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