WWE Planning To Expand Their Performance Center

WWE is always looking toward the future and that can come with some tough cuts. There is also a goal to expand and that is the case for NXT’s Performance Center.

WWE held their annual investors call today and they touched on a variety of subjects. Nick Khan boasted about the company’s goals to expand the Performance Center and improve it at the same time.

Sean Ross Sapp reported on the call and he noted that while it might be the company’s plan to expand in such a way, those intentions to open up international Performance Centers are still on ice.

WWE claim they’re looking at expanding and improving on their Performance Centers.

I’ve heard recently that the global expansion was still “on hold” in that regard.

We will have to see what the future holds for WWE. They obviously see big things for the future. This also comes during a time right after they fired 10 people from NXT and more cuts are expected very soon in the company.

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