WWE has started teasing a heel turn for a top star, split of popular tag team

Last night on WWE Monday Night Raw, RK-Bro successfully defended the Raw Tag Team Titles but there was a subtle hint of trouble within the team.

Late in the match, as Riddle did a tumbling dive off the ring apron, he meant to hit Montez Ford but Ford moved out of the way and Riddle crashed onto Orton. Corey Graves called it “a rare miscommunication by RK-Bro” that almost cost them the match. The “miscommunication” line is something that is always used ahead of a tag team splitting up.

Riddle won the match for his team by catching Ford with a super RKO and pinning him. Later that night, Orton and Riddle appeared on Raw Talk and Orton said that they unexpectedly had to defend the titles on Raw but they did it and retained them.

Orton seemingly in a joking manner talked about Riddle using Orton’s finishing moves lately. Orton said, “You hitting a couple super RKO’s in the last week or so, like you’re blowing my mind bro. I might have to have you go back to the Bro Derek because you’re gonna steal my thunder. They wanna see me hit the RKO out of nowhere. Bro I got 10 more years of this stuff. I gotta keep that RKO mine.”

The plan has always been for Riddle and Orton to split up and then start feuding against each other. The original plan was for Orton to turn on Riddle last year on their first night as a team but Vince McMahon changed his mind. It looks like that turn is finally happening and it appears that Orton will be back to being a heel soon.

Orton and Riddle will be at SmackDown this Friday to meet The Usos face to face about their upcoming title unification match.