Wrabel on Coming Out, Addiction, and More: Going There

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On this episode of Going There, Dr. Mike is joined by singer-songwriter and musician Wrabel, who touches on everything from understanding his sexuality to dealing with addiction.

Collaborating with artists like Marshmallow, Kesha, P!NK, the Backstreet Boys, and more, Wrabel has a body of work any artist would be incredibly proud of. Of course, success in one’s career doesn’t translate to perfect mental health, and Wrabel will be the first to say so. The artist runs through his decision to become sober, the path he took towards accepting his sexuality, and the reactions he garnered from others while on those journeys.

“I really just tried to follow my gut,” he explains. “Especially in my coming out, it was met with so much disapproval and denial … [but] being gay — to me, for me, and in my life — is my capacity to love. And I have goosebumps just thinking about that.”

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Also be sure to check out Wrabel’s new EP, Chapter of Me, which is available now. You can also get tickets to his upcoming tour dates here.

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