“Why Would We Do That? To Ruin The Party?”

If you’re one of those Sepultura fans from the old days when the band’s line-up included the Cavalera brothers, and have been holding hopes for a reunion of that band’s line-up that ruled during the period from Schizophrenia to Roots, it seems you’ll be out of luck.

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Sepultura‘s guitarist Andreas Kisser was recently featured on the Portuguese Sonoros Podcast, where they discussed soccer, the band’s history, the impact of the band’s last few albums, and their plans for a “special tour” for 2024, one that will commemorate the band’s 40th anniversary of existence. The news about such a tour came at the very end of the conversation when Kisser was asked if the quartet was planning to work a follow-up to their 2020’s album Quadra, anytime soon.

“No, a new record now… don’t even think about it. The pandemic really stretched things out, and Quadra is actually still very new. We still have a lot to do with this record. We want to celebrate 40 years next year and do a special tour for the occasion. So, when it comes to a new record… take it easy!” Kisser remarked.

Andreas was then asked if Max and Iggor – who left in 1996 and 2006 respectively — will be invited to mark the occasion: “How about bringing the former members for the 40th anniversary celebration?” Kisser‘s answer was as concise and clear as it could have been: “No, why would we do that? To ruin the party?”

Sepultura have been touring endlessly to support Quadra, and wrapped up a tour, on a double headliner bill, with Kreator, plus Death Angel and Spiritworld just weeks ago.

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The Cavalera brothers recently released re-recordings of Sepultura‘s 1985 debut album Bestial Devastation and 1986 follow-up Morbid Visions under the Cavalera name, and you can check out our opinion about such releases here.

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