VOLBEAT Will Not Tour In 2024

The bad news here is that Volbeat is not doing any touring in 2024. The good news is twofold – Volbeat will spend that time working on a new record, and frontman Michael Poulsen will instead do some touring with his new death metal band Asinhell.

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“So what’s up next? Now we’re home and we’re going to use some time on family, our kids and we’re not going to tour next year,” said Poulsen in a video update. “But, we are going to write a new album and go into the studio to record the album, so next time we are on the road it’ll be with a bunch of new songs. Can’t wait. A lot of great ideas for the next record so we will get started working on that.”

“Since Volbeat is not touring next year, I will be on the road with Asinhell. Check ’em out. And again, thank you for your amazing support. You rock.”

Volbeat‘s next record will be their first without guitarist Rob Caggiano, who left the band back in June. Poulsen recently said the split was sudden, and that Volbeat thought about touring as a three-piece before recruiting The Arcane Order guitarist Flemming C. Lund.

“There’s a statement on the net, and I can’t go into too much details,” said Poulsen. “But the thing was, three weeks before a tour, we suddenly became a three-piece. And, of course, for us, [we said], ‘Let’s just go out as a three-piece. This is the situation we are in now.’ But at the end of the day, when we were sitting down and I was about to do the setlist, of course we became a little bit handicapped.

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“So, there was different options to who we were going to give a call to help us out, but since I already worked with Flemming and I knew Flemming, I gave him a call, even though he said, ‘I have no idea how Volbeat sounds like.’ He’s only into death metal. So he said, ‘I just have to listen to a lot of Volbeat records, I guess.’ Of course he knew Volbeat — everybody knows Volbeat in Denmark — but he was not listening to Volbeat. So he said, ‘Give me a few days just to actually figure out what you guys are playing,’ beside the stuff that you hear on the radio. And he took up the challenge, and we made an agreement and he’s helping out Volbeat for this year.”

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