VOIVOD Has Been Somewhat Predicting Humanity’s Future Through Their Albums

Voivod released their album of (mostly) re-recordings Morgöth Tales this past July 21. The 10-song release features one new song — the title track — and nine re-recordings of songs from various eras of their career. It even features appearances from former bassists Eric “E-Force” Forrest and Jason “Jasonic” Newsted.

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In a recent interview with Full Metal Jackie’s weekend radio show, drummer Away spoke about the album’s inception and how through the years they wrote about a horrific future for humanity and the destruction of the planet, which has been slowly turning into our reality. It’s pretty fucking crazy when you come to think of it.

“I think that since we were trying to talk about the destruction of this planet in a sci-fi concept, what I came to realize when the album was put together was that sci-fi has caught up with us in a way more rapidly than I expected actually.” Away offered.

“These subjects were we’re talking about – how AI controlled high-tech weaponry and all that – we’re dealing with it right now.” He continued “I realized that some of the lyrics were sort of recurring nightmares. At one point, we were talking about Chernobyl, and then years later, we’re talking about Fukushima or we were talking about the ozone layer and then it’s global warming, and so on and so on.”

“We’ve always been trying to warn people about what we thought would be catastrophic in the future and so now with this album, I realize that we are living it right now.”

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Whether Away and company have a hidden agenda we know nothing about or not, let’s pay more attention to these guy’s music subjects from now on. If you want to pick up Morgöth Tales, orders are available here.

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