Tyson Kidd Says NXT Used To Be Awesome

NXT 2.0 made its debut in September last year and it promised an entirely new outlook on the product. While it did bring about quite a few changes, not everything hit the mark the way fans wanted. Tyson Kidd might agree with that general sentiment, but NXT’s black and gold incarnation used to be awesome.

With a fresh look and coat of paint came a new sense of direction which has seen a fresh crop of future WWE Superstars, especially the likes of Bron Breakker. In spite of that, fans continue to feel the product is lacking in many ways.

While speaking to the Dropkick Podcast, Tyson Kidd talked about the current version of NXT. Tyson Kidd stated that the previous version of NXT used to be awesome.

“I guess where people don’t like the change is that now NXT feels like it’s gone back to being developmental. It’s still its own brand but it has more of a developmental feel [as compared] to a couple of years ago where it was a super-indie with WWE production. It was awesome.”

NXT 2.0 will also bring in more main roster stars for the development of the product. It remains to be seen whether the product will eventually improve or not. As the weeks progress fans will continue making their weekly Tuesday night viewing decision, and they might just give NXT 2.0 a try.

h/t Fightful

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