Tyson Fury on Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk: ‘You can’t force someone to do something they don’t want to do’ | Boxing News

Tyson Fury is hopeful the undisputed heavyweight title fight with Oleksandr Usyk can be eventually be made, although he is not so optimistic about securing an all-British clash with Anthony Joshua.

“We don’t really know the reasons why Usyk didn’t take the fight in April,” Fury told Sky Sports before the release of his new Netflix documentary, ‘At Home With The Furys’.

“I’m sure he’s got his reasons and then we find out he’s signed with Skills Challenge, the Saudi Arabian team of boxing people out there. So whatever his reasons are, I’m sure that they suit him and his family. It is what it is.

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Former WBO super-welter champion Liam Smith says he understands why Tyson Fury has lined up a fight with MMA fighter Francis Ngannou but does not expect him to be troubled by him in the ring

“But I do believe that you can only do what you can do in this sport. If the fights are available at that time then you take them and if they’re not available then you can’t take them.”

But he added of Usyk: “Will we fight in the future? Hopefully. I’d like to. I’ve always believed it’s an easy fight.”

Fury’s talks with Anthony Joshua also stalled. “In this last year I’ve tried two or three times. It’s always not happened for whatever reason. I’m not optimistic. For about a week during the negotiations of this year I was very optimistic,” he said.

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Gary Logan believes Fury’s fighting against former UFC champion Ngannou is about earning money and is not good for boxing

“I thought for years and years that me and Joshua would have fought each other. And he’s not been wanting to take that challenge for years. So you can’t force somebody to do something, no matter how much money there is or how many belts there are or whatever there is on the line.

“You can’t force someone to do something they don’t want to do. Unless both parties are willing then these fights don’t get made, as we’ve seen over the years.”

Smith vs Eubank II

Liam Smith’s rematch with Chris Eubank Jr will be at the AO Arena in Manchester on September 2, live on Sky Sports Box Office

Next for Fury is a different type of event, a boxing bout with former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

“I do think it’s refreshing that these guys are wanting to step up and have a challenge and fight the best in boxing coming from their background,” he said.

Fury was speaking before the release of his new Netflix documentary ‘At Home With The Furys’ from August 16.