Tony Khan: “With three hours of TV and so many great stars on this roster, it is a challenge”

Tony Khan stopped by this week’s “Swerve City Podcast” to discuss the size of AEW’s roster, the part the fans play in company growth, and his thoughts on Tay Conti and The Acclaimed.

Khan was asked if it is hard to manage a large roster like AEW has:

“I think a big thing is right now we have so many great stars and there’s only three hours of TV time in AEW. So it’s a challenge, but I think we use other great outlets at our disposal like AEW Dark and AEW Elevation which are great shows,” he said.

“We’ve seen a lot of great wrestlers come to TV and they started on AEW Dark and they weren’t in prominent winning positions. We’ve seen people like Max Caster, Will Hobbs and actually Max Caster and Anthony Bowens worked separately on Dark and then ended up coming together as a team and a number of other people as well. It’s helped us enhance our women’s division. I think a lot of really quality people started wrestling there and got a lot of good reps in, and now they’ve become really solid TV wrestlers for us.”

“So AEW Dark and Elevation have given us an outlet to grow. But really with three hours of TV and so many great stars on this roster, it is a challenge,” Khan said.

Tony said he feels the fans need to believe in the company for it to succeed:

“In creating AEW, one thing I really believe, and it was part of my business plan for AEW is like, as a wrestling fan, you really need to not only believe in the star wrestlers, most importantly of all the great wrestling and the great wrestlers that you’re going to get from the company, but you need to believe in the company that it has a chance, like that it’s a big legitimate thing like around the world.”

Tony gave his thought on the following talent:

Tay Conti:

“When she came in, she was great. I thought when she was in NXT, she seemed like somebody that had a ton of potential,” Tony said.

“But she didn’t get nearly as far in NXT. She never really got all that TV time. Since coming to AEW, she’s had great matches. Obviously her presentation has changed and changed, and now it’s continued to evolve with Sammy. They’ve really found something special on and off screen, honestly, and I’m really happy for them. I was really happy for them, so maybe I misread how happy the fans would be for them (he laughs). So I think I’ve course corrected that. I like Sammy. I like Tay. The fans like Sammy. The fans like Tay. I like Sammy and Tay together. The fans do not, and that’s where we differentiate. So that is what I’ve come to accept.”

On The Acclaimed:

“Max did not do the rap. I saw Max doing the rap on Twitter and he didn’t do it as an entrance, but it was clearly what he should be doing as the entrance every time. It was awesome. Max has got such a great thing Anthony is one of the most improved wrestlers in the world. He’s out with a knee injury. They were on fire. Everybody wanted to lock up with him and see if it was true.”

You can view Tony Khan’s entire conversation with Swerve below.

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