The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is Receiving a Reboot

20th Century Studios and Hulu will be rebooting The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, based off of writer Alan Moore and artist Kevin O’Neill’s critically acclaimed comic series.

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Set to be written by Justin Haythe (Red Sparrow), this new reboot could end up being the first adaptation of the comic series since 2003’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film, which starred Sean Connery in his final role before retirement. Though there have been several attempts at reboots before, none came to fruition.

The reboot is planned to be made as a feature for Hulu, and sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Haythe and the rest of the team on the film will be looking to the main comic series for their upcoming iteration. This is welcome news to fans, given how the 2003 movie strayed from its source material.

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Don Murphy, who served as a producer on the 2003 film adaptation, will also be producing this new version. While the original film was largely panned, the comic series itself, which revolves around a team of famous literary protagonists and their adventures, has won both a Bram Stoker Award and an Eisner Award for best limited series.