The Last of Us Set Footage Teases New Scenes That Explore Its Backstory

A recent batch of set footage from the upcoming HBO series The Last of Us has made its way online, and gives fans a hint at just how much of the game’s backstory might be making its way into the show.

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The new footage comes from filming that took place in Calgary, Canada, and shows what looks to be military forces moving through the streets. As the convoy makes its way through, it is soon mobbed by protestors who scream out “Freedom!” and “Fuck Fedra!” before a flare goes off and chaos breaks out as the clip ends.

Judging by this group of footage, it seems as if the series will be diving into some of the events that take place before the original The Last of Us begins. Some popular theories currently floating around (and one also mentioned by Eurogamer) posit that this scene could depict the Pittsburgh Quarantine Zone, a place Joel and Ellie visit in the original game when it has already fallen.

However, the set footage from Calgary seems to suggest that we’ll be seeing the Quarantine Zone before it’s taken over by Hunters (another faction of survivors in The Last of Us) and they overthrow F.E.D.R.A., the Federal Disaster Response Agency in The Last of Us.

Finally, a new clip has made its way online featuring actor Jeffrey Pierce talking about his new character, Perry. According to Pierce, who also played Joel’s brother Tommy in the two video games (a role given to Gabriel Luna in the series), Perry is “brand new,” and will be a part of a new branch of characters that appears in the show that will also reflect back onto the games in some way.

“Perry is brand new, and part of a brand-new branch that has huge implications for things that did occur in the game,” said Pierce. “And, so, that’s exciting, because it will unveil things that attach to the game and you’ll be like ‘Oh shit! That all makes even more sense now!’”

The Last of Us series will tackle the events of the first game with the possibility of additional content based on the upcoming video game sequel. It is set to be led by Game of Thrones alums Pedro Pascal as Joel, and Bella Ramsey as Ellie.

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The live-action series is executive produced and co-written by Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin and original game writer Neil Druckmann, who is also serving as one of the directors. It is a co-production with Sony Pictures Television in association with PlayStation Productions. Executive producers are Carolyn Strauss, Naughty Dog President Evan Wells, and PlayStation Productions’ Asad Qizilbash and Carter Swan.