The Game Q&A Touches on Lore, Replayability, & More

Evil Dead: The Game is releasing later this week and Saber Interactive recently put out a Q&A going over some questions that players might have just before jumping in at launch. In it, the team touched on plenty of topics, such as its place in the series, how replayable it is, why it has multiple Ash characters, and more.

Similar to its gameplay video that Bruce Campbell narrated, the official Evil Dead: The Game YouTube channel released a video that made up of material from a few sources. As such, the official video is an abridged compilation of the full interviews found on the Laphin, unCAGEDgamez, and Slash ‘N Cast YouTube channels.

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The video touches on its replayability, which is crucial for any multiplayer game. Chief Creative Officer Tim Willits said the game will have similar objectives, but the locations (and the weather and time of day) will be different. When combined with unpredictable real-life humans and how players can spec their characters, Willits seemed confident that the title would be something to come back to over and over.

Balance is also important in asymmetrical horror games, which Senior Creative Director Jason O’Connell said the team tried to achieve through a lot of playtesting. He said Saber “playtested the crap out [the characters]” so the studio could see how fun it would be when everyone interacted with each other.

The game brings in lore from the Evil Dead films as well as the Ash vs. Evil Dead series, which Narrative Director Craig Sherman spoke to. It does exist in its own piece of the universe and fills in some blanks for the franchise. Some parts begin before some of the movies, showing players what happened just before the cameras started rolling.

It justifies the many different characters by having Profession Knowby unintentionally summoning the Kandarian Demon and then, by also trying to summon Ash, he ends up calling in a lot of his allies, too. This explains why there are so many different characters from around the franchise interacting with each other. Players can also pick up Knowby’s recordings that fill in even more of the universe.

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Even though there is lore to soak up, the game’s doesn’t have a story mode, per se. However, players can tackle certain side missions that will dole out some lore and some unlockable while also giving users a safe place to practice. Evil Dead: The Game also supports a whole bunch of options for those who want to play against real people (the game supports full cross-play, as well) to those who want to run a skrimish against bots. This can make the game more of a cooperative, competitive, or solo experience. However, regardless of the mode, it does have require an online connection.

Laphin also asked in his extended interview about adding more content. Willits talked about the season pass and hinted about how it will bring more faces and places from the franchise in the future and that the studio will look at players want (more game modes, modifications on existing game modes, more demons, or more characters) and go from there. He then spoke about how it easier for the team to tweak values and balance it without needing a patch, which is something that is seen in some fighting games.