Sonic Origins Gameplay Rushes Online Ahead of Release

The cycle reaches its zenith for Sonic fans once again, as Sonic Origins is ready to hit almost every platform under the sun on June 23. Some new gameplay (which originated from South Korea’s Rulicon online broadcast last weekend) from the game shows off that it’s no mere collection of ports.

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This is mostly down to the new features that players can take advantage of in Sonic The HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog 2Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD. The footage shows off the drop dash, a move first introduced in Sonic Mania that can speed up playthroughs throughout the series. Players can also transform into Super Sonic in the original game if they meet the requirements, a first for the series since the superpowered hedgehog didn’t debut until Sonic 2 originally.

Speaking of, Sonic 2 fans on console and PC will get to experience Hidden Palace Zone for the first time. This originally cut level first appeared playable in the game’s 2013 mobile port, and it’s accessible here via a bottomless pit in Mystic Cave Zone. Finally, players who don’t want to go through the full campaign can take on individual Mission Mode challenges that add new dimensions to these old classics.

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Of course, Sonic veterans can go into a classic mode to turn off all this new-fangled nonsense and preserve their ’90s memories. For the rest of the playerbase, the OG Sonic series has never been more accessible. Those excited about the game can grab it early, but they may think twice after looking at the game’s convoluted pre-order bonus scheme.