Shotzi Blackheart Poses With Brandi Lauren’s ‘Giant Peach’

Shotzi Blackheart and Brandi Lauren have an unbreakable bond with each other. The bond is so strong, that fans took a joke from Shotzi about marrying Brandi seriously. While she became the subject of rumors saying that she faced backstage heat after making the joke, Ringside News debunked it in an exclusive.

Blackheart and Lauren also appear together on social media quite often. While Shotzi deleted her Twitter account after beefing with haters, it seems Instagram is her next best option.

The WWE diva took to Instagram and posted a picture alongside her dear friend. However, it turned out to be a unique photo, given how it featured a cameo from Lauren’s “giant peach.”

Shotzi and the giant 🍑 @brandilauren_

Shotzi recently made headlines after posing alongside her sister, who is unprecedentedly identical to her. She also photobombed Brandi Lauren, though she revealed her incredible black bikini outfit in the process.

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