SEVEN)SUNS’ String Quartet Reinterpretation Of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN’s “Prancer” Is Terrifying

Seven)Suns is marking 10 years of The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s monumental fifth album One of Us Is the Killer with a string quartet reinterpretation of the record in full. And yes, it’s going to be completely fucking insane. Stream “Prancer” as proof of that below and try not to ruin whatever pants you’re wearing.

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And who better to reinterpret The Dillinger Escape Plan than Seven)Suns? The quartet performed on Dillinger‘s final album Dissociation, played with Dillinger at their farewell shows in NYC in December 2017, and has worked closely with The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s Ben Weinman on releasing their debut album For The Hearts Still Beating on his label Party Smasher Inc.

Seven)Suns founder and violinist Earl Maneein said the concept for reimagining One of Us Is the Killer grew out of a conversation with Weinman during the peak of the pandemic. “I figured transcribing some of the craziest music from one of the craziest bands ever was a good way to pass the time.” One Of Us Is The Killer was recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ, with The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Kevin Antreassian at the helm, and was mixed and mastered by Joseph Spiller.

One of Us Is the Killer is out and is available for pre-order here.

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