Saw X Trailer Teases Horrifying Return of Jigsaw and Amanda

The first Saw X trailer has been unleashed and, along with glimpses of Tobin Bell’s’ reprisal of the long-deceased villain John “Jigsaw” Kramer and his latest arsenal of lethal torture devices, the new preview teases the return of Shawnee Smith’s victim-turned-accomplice Amanda from the horror franchise’s original trilogy.

The reunion between psychotic mastermind and protégé marks the first time Bell and Smith have shared the screen since 2006’s Saw III, which saw the demise of both characters. Bell has starred in almost every subsequent entry of the franchise via flashbacks, while Smith’s Amanda last appeared in 2009’s Saw VI. Although the role she’ll play in this round of Jigsaw’s “games” has yet to be revealed, Saw X has been confirmed to take place between the first and second installments.

It’s unfair to say any victim in the Saw series deserves to be put through the psychopathic serial killer Jigsaw’s gut-wrenching tests, but in the case of Saw X, the latest cast admittedly placed themselves in Jigsaw’s crosshairs by attempting to scam an ailing John Kramer with the promise of a life-saving surgery. Watch the Saw X trailer below.

Saw X arrives on September 27th. Alongside Bell and Smith, the film features series newcomers such as Synnøve Macody Lund, Steven Brand, Michael Beach, Renata Vaca, Paulette Hernandez, Octavio Hinojosa, and Joshua Okamoto. It will be directed by Kevin Greutert, who helmed Saw VI and 2010’s Saw: The Final Chapter, while screenwriters Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger also wrote 2017’s Jigsaw and 2021’s Chris Rock-starring spin-off, Spiral.