Ryback Makes Joke About How Dangerous He Is In The Ring

Former WWE Superstar Ryback is grabbing the headlines again but not because of his anti-Vince McMahon antics. Despite his disgruntled relationship with his former company, Ryback seems to be having fun looking back at his WWE matched and the legend behind his moves that they hurt people.

Ryback took to Twitter to share a video game footage spliced with one of his WWE fights. In the clip, Ryback is fighting with Eric Rowan and depicts bone-breaking animations from a video game to show how dangerous he is in the ring.

The video was constructed to rib Ryback for being dangerous. He didn’t seem to get the joke as he retweeted it out to signal boost the troll video, and he included a little caption to seemingly brag about being rough to work with.

“3 piece and a biscuit. #Hungry,” Ryback captioned his video

The fight that Ryback used in his clip is from his SmackDown match with Rowan back in early 2016. It was the same year when Ryback was let go by WWE. However, Rowan stayed with company until 2020.

It’s nice to see Ryback taking a break from bashing WWE non-stop on his social media. He was a popular performer, but fans lost all respect for him after he insulted Vince McMahon’s late mother. He is also fighting a legal battle with WWE behind the scenes, hopefully, we see the conclusion of it real soon. You can check out his video below.

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