ROBB FLYNN Praises POST MALONE & “Hardest Motherf*ckers In The Game” SUNAMI

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has two recommendations for you – Post Malone, who he believes is one of the best songwriters out there; and Sunami, who are the hardest motherfuckers in the game. It’s pretty hard to argue with either of Flynn‘s points. Post Malone writes all his own music, or is at least credited as the first writer on every single song of his, and Sunami is just straight up brutal (as Rob Trujillo has said before).

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As for Flynn himself, he simply points out that it’s been “a crazy couple of weeks.” So here’s hoping everything is all good in both Flynn and Machine Head‘s world.

“Shout out to Post Malone for the fantastic show last night. He really brought his A-game to the Shoreline amphitheater. Great setlist with a solid mix of new songs, singles, and older jams from Beerbongs & Bentleys, and Stoney. Dude is one of the great American songwriters and performers of our time. Grab tickets while you can, absolutely worth it!

“Massive super-size thanks to the best dude EVER Adam DeGross for making Genevra and I feel so welcome. Give him a follow for some seriously breathtaking photos.

“The after party got wild! Got to bro-down with Posty‘s dad and talk some Megadeth, as well as finally meet the hardest motherfuckers in the game right now, the mighty Sunami. Keep an eye on these dudes, they’re absolutely killing it.

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“Lotta beers, lotta laughs. Been a crazy couple of weeks… wont get into it, but yeah… needed last night bad. Music heals all.”

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