Roadrunner Records Held A Funeral For Nü-Metal In 2002 And It Was Hilarious

What better way to celebrate Killswitch Engage‘s 2002 album Alive Or Just Breathing than with a funeral for nü-metal? Because that’s exactly what happened with the Australian branch of Roadrunner Records, and the footage has finally surfaced. YouTuber Jon Satterley has posted the full funeral and the results are fucking hilarious, if not aged terribly considering the rise of modern nü-metal.

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“We are gathered here tonight to acknowledge, and in some cases mourn, the death of a musical genre,” starts the priest that has no idea how wrong he’d be in a few decades. “A style of music that has outstayed its welcome on this Earth. It is time to perform the last rites on this spent and sorry carcass.

“Many of you own albums that contributed to it. Some of you in moments of weakness had even adopted some of its affectations. Others have defined your very lives in opposition to it. Let us pray to the Metal Gods – nü-metal, begone!”

Anyway, Korn would release Untouchables a few weeks after Alive Or Just Breathing and the sales numbers weren’t even close.

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