“Right Now, Financially And Mentally, It Isn’t Enough For Me”

Madball bassist Jorge “Hoya Roc” Guerra has revealed he’s leaving the band after 30 years. Guerra broke the news on the One Life One Chance podcast, saying his reason for leaving is that Madball has slowed down too much over the years. Guerra said he’ll play the band’s remaining European dates, and makes it super clear that there’s no beef between himself and his soon-to-be-former bandmates.

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“I got two more European tours and your boy is calling it a wrap, alright?” said Guerra as transcribed by Metal Injection. “Shout out to the guys in the band, I love them and everything, but the fact is the band slowed down too much and I’m on double time now. Right now, financially and mentally, it isn’t enough for me.

“I got a lot of things that I wanna do, and – like I was telling you, my children eat a lot. I gotta be working [and] the band slowed down. It’s harder for me to make things happen, but there’s no beef. It’s all love. I wish them all the best, but I’m only doing the next two European runs and that’s it.”

Guerra joined Madball in 1993 after the departure of original bassist Roger Miret. Madball has not yet commented on Guerra‘s departure, or who they’re thinking of to replace him.

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