NITA STRAUSS Reveals Her Favorite Guitarists of the Last Decade

Nita Strauss released her long-awaited new solo album Into The Void on July 7th. The album features guest spots from vocalists of bands like Motionless In White, Disturbed, Halestorm, Arch Enemy, and of course her longtime employer Alice Cooper. She recently discussed some of her favorite guitarists from the previous ten years with Loudwire in a new interview.

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The first on the list is no other than the talented Angel Vivaldi. “I truly think Angel is one of the most exciting guitar players to watch and his diversity in style is mind blowing. Plus, you can’t talk about Angel without mentioning the massive strides he’s making towards creating inclusivity in the guitar scene. He is one of the most exciting guitar players.” says Strauss

After, she mentions Tim Henson and Scott LePage from the progressive rock band Polyphia, highlighting their “undeniable” impact on the guitar community. Strauss adds: “I hate to lump two such great guitar players in with each other, but I needed room on the list and what these two are doing for the world of guitar playing is absolutely undeniable. There aren’t a lot of people you can truly say are changing the game, and they are.”

She also referred to Marty Friedman, former Megadeth guitarist, when talking about her impressions of the new album. “It was an honor for me as a musician and as a music fan. It’s not every day that you have an opportunity to have feedback and critique from somebody you respect so much.”

While she was at it, the musician also disclosed that her new album was produced using VST plugins and digital equipment, and that she was “extremely satisfied” with the decision to go digital. “If I didn’t think it sounded as good, I would have redone it through real amps,” she said, adding “I don’t think it would have made the record sound any better if I had re-amped later through an analogue machine.”

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