MJF defends Zachary Wentz (Nash Carter): “He’s not an antisemite”

MJF has come to the defense of Zachary Wentz, formerly known as Nash Carter, following the former WWE star putting out a statement on Monday regarding the photo that led to his release from WWE.

There was a photo of Wentz appearing like Hitler that was shared on social media. It was taken in 2015. MJF posted a tweet and then deleted it that read: “I lived with this man. He’s not an antisemite. Stop virtue signaling and let the man do his job.”

In Carter’s statement, he stated, “no words can truly describe how ashamed and apologetic I am for my conduct in the photograph. There is no excuse for such behavior and I take full responsibility for my actions and ask for forgiveness.” He went on to state that he has reflected on his conduct over the last month. You can read the full statement here. 

The release was after he was accused of domestic violence by his wife Kimber Lee. However, WWE didn’t believe Lee’s accusations were credible. At the time of his release, MSK was in the middle of their second reign as NXT Tag Team Champions.

Wentz is returning to the independent scene as he will be appearing at the Circle 6/No Peace Underground joint show on May 21st in Orlando, Florida.