Mixmag to Open Office in Ukraine

Mixmag, the dance music media company, is opening an office in Kyiv, Ukraine, tomorrow (August 24) on Ukrainian Independence Day. Mixmag Ukraine will cover the nation’s dance scene, which has “been fighting and resisting Russian aggression for more than a year and a half,” a statement from the staff reads. The site, which will publish digital, social, and video content, will also platform Ukrainian authors “who want to write about their scenes, heroes, events and stories.” The project will initially be manned by three full-time Ukrainian staff members, with support from Mixmag’s UK teams.

Mixmag is launching the office in partnership with the Ukrainian music agency Go West. “We will strive for pluralism of opinion, respect and equality for all minorities and communities and for covering various musical genres,” the statement continues. “The launch of Mixmag Ukraine is a joyful and symbolic event for all of us. That is why we launch the website on Independence Day. By doing this, we want to inspire our people to create further, achieve success and keep an unshakable faith in victory.”

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