Melissa McCarthy Leads Comedy Series

Netflix has dropped the official trailer for its newest comedy series, God’s Favorite Idiot, starring Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. It will make its debut on Netflix on Wednesday, June 15.

The video features an average but sweet guy who gets unexpectedly chosen by God to help the world. It also teases the arrival of dark forces, signaling an impending apocalypse.

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“In the series, Clark Thompson is a mid-level tech support employee, who takes saunas with his dad, Gene, pines after his co-worker Amily, and loves his cats,” reads the synopsis. “When he starts to glow, he begins to realize this isn’t an average day at the office and God has bigger plans for him. Clark can’t save mankind by himself, he must gather his flock of mismatched co-workers, his longtime crush Amily, and angelic allies to outwit Satan herself. Together, they’re just a bunch of average humans coming together for the greater good because, after all, you can’t save the world alone.”

God’s Favorite Idiot is created by Falcone with Michael McDonald directing and serving as an executive producer. Falcone and McCarthy are executive producing through their On The Day production banner.

It stars Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Bibb, Kevin Dunn, Usman Ally, Steve Mallory, Chris Sandiford, Ana Scotney, and Yanic Truesdale

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The married duo’s notable works together where Falcone served as a director include Tammy, The Boss, Life of the Party, and the recently released HBO Max film Superintelligence. Other notable works where they get to share the screen together are Bridesmaids, Identity Thief, The Heat, The Happytime Murders, and Can You Ever Forgive Me?.