Max Tundra Covers Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work”: Watch the Video

Max Tundra has shared a cover of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work.” The new track comes with a music video directed by James Hankins. Watch it below.

“Kate Bush is one of the few artists to have made the substance of the universe appear to change before my eyes,” Max Tundra commented in a press statement. “Her purity of artistic ambition has burst the universe wide open for me on several occasions. ‘This Woman’s Work’ is one of her most special pieces—I decided I would like to cover this song, as something new to perform at the end of my recent live show promoting my Domino reissues, as I felt it could showcase another side of my sound after the maximalist onslaught of my discography to date. I hope I did it justice.”

Hankins added: “About 10 years ago, I tweeted: ‘In 100 years’ time, will people look back and realise Max Tundra was actually the ultimate pop star?’ I didn’t know it then, but it seems like that was the starting point for this video.”