Marvel Future Revolution Pulls Scarlet Witch Out of the Multiverse of Madness

Mobile action RPG Marvel Future Revolution has added Wanda Maximoff to its lineup of playable heroes from the vast Marvel pantheon. The Scarlet Witch, who defaults to a costume not unlike her MCU counterpart in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, wields chaos magic against a horde of Ultron units in the game’s newest gameplay trailer.

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Future Revolution is the sequel to Marvel Future Fight, developed by Netmarble. The game takes players through several alternate Marvel realities and showcases various versions of the heroes they know and love. It’s a natural tie-in with the Marvel Cinematic’s Universe current love of the multiverse, although it doesn’t tie in directly with the ongoing films and Disney+ programming.

However, this version of Wanda does have a similar backstory to the MCU version, as Future Revolution‘s iteration of The Vision just sacrificed himself for the greater good. Both Scarlet Witches are driven by vengeance, but players will have to see how this new Wanda’s story plays out.

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Players who want to check out Wanda can download and play Future Revolution for free on Android and iOS, although specific costumes and time-saving conveniences will cost a microtransaction or two. Those who can’t get enough Scarlet Witch can also pop into Fortnite, which just put up a skin based on the character for purchase in their premium store. Several characters from Multiverse of Madness have also found their way into Future Fight and Marvel: Puzzle Quest, as the Marvel Games ecosystem is nothing if not efficient.