Look at Some Casino Shows You Can Watch on Netflix Canada

Netflix is one of the first companies to introduce streaming services, and they really have tons of content for just about anyone. However, they have contracts with movie and TV studios that specify where certain content can be aired. As a result, depending on your location the available shows may differ. That being said, you can always use VPN to get access to content that is restricted in your country.

It’s also worth pointing out that due to the increase in competition the company started to underperform, and subscribers aren’t sure what they can expect going forward. Hopefully new content will continue to pour in as before, but there are talks about adding ads to the platform. Right now there are several great movies and shows about gambling that you can watch in Canada. So, let’s see what Netflix has to offer to casino enthusiasts.

Ocean’s Eleven

If you love watching witty heist movies or TV shows, then Ocean’s franchise is going to be a great pick. The movie is about robbing the casino and basically hitting a jackpot without even playing. There are multiple sequels so if you like the first one you can give some of the other Ocean’s movies a try. If you like to gamble yourself, and want to play it safe, then make an account on a $1 minimum deposit casino online. This way you can spend a minimum amount of money to play and not be tempted to make a larger expense. Moreover, you might be eligible to some of the no deposit bonuses after you make an account, so use those as well to make your bets risk-free.


Win It All

Another thrilling movie about gambling is Win It All. It’s about a small-time compulsive gambler who is trying to break this habit after losing a lot of money. However, the events unfold in such a way that he is tempted to play a high-stakes game with money that doesn’t belong to him. It also shows how important it is to manage your expenses carefully or to gamble responsibly. For those who are looking for how to manage their spending, a good choice would be echeck casinos canada that offer different promotions. This way you can use e-checks to fund the account for the exact amount that you plan to spend for that month or week.


If you love to play blackjack, then you have to watch this movie. It’s about the team of math students who figured out how to beat casinos in blackjack. It is based on a true story, and many people use this technique when they play. Those who can count cards have a higher chance of winning in blackjack, but that doesn’t mean that this is easy. In fact, it’s incredibly difficult, especially when there are multiple decks in a shoe. You will need more players in order to do this effectively and you are more likely to pull it off in a brick-and-mortar casino. Even though this isn’t illegal, casinos can deny you access if they feel you are winning constantly.


If you like Japanese anime and manga, then you need to watch Kakeguri on Netflix. It’s an exciting anime series about a special school where students gamble with one another to improve their status. Those who lose everything are turned into servants. A new spin-off season of Kakeguri is going to be released in August 2022. So, this is a perfect time to get caught up on what happened in the first two seasons if you plan to watch this new release. The show is filled with tense moments and unique high-stakes games. The students are even allowed to cheat so long as they don’t get caught of course.

What Happens in Vegas

This is a very interesting romantic comedy with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. It starts as a classic boy meets girl story that escalated pretty quickly to them getting married and then realizing what they did once they got sober. They easily agree afterward that they should get a divorce, and it seems like the whole thing is going to be over rather quickly.

Without a slot machine, the whole story would be over rather quickly but at one point Joy gives Jack a quarter that he uses to play slots. As luck would have it he hits the jackpot and receives a ridiculous amount of money. However, since they are still married, Joy wants half of the money, and that’s where the whole conflict of interest really begins.


These were some of the most interesting movies and shows on Netflix that revolve around gambling. As mentioned the platform changes its availability based on your location, so you might want to use VPN in order to make some of these titles available in Canada.