Jolie Holland Enlists Big Thief’s Buck Meek for New Album, Shares “Haunted Mountain”: Listen

Jolie Holland has announced a new album, Haunted Mountain, which includes several cowrites with Big Thief’s Buck Meek, who is also releasing an album called Haunted Mountain. That is no coincidence: After adding a verse to her song “Haunted Mountain”—which you can hear below—Meek told Holland he also wanted to include a version on his own album. Says Holland, “I was extremely pleased at the weirdness.” 

Meek went on to say, in Holland’s telling, that “he wanted to name his record Haunted Mountain, ‘…only if you’re not already naming your record Haunted Mountain.’ Well, that had been the name of my next record for quite a while. We thought about it for a minute and decided it was bizarre and wonderful. I am enormously pleased that Buck chose it as his album name too.” 

Holland’s Haunted Mountain LP is out October 6, Meek’s on August 25.