INDUSTRIAL PUKE (BURST, Etc.) Goes Blindfolded Into New Video For “Hell Is In Hello”

Industrial Puke is now streaming their new music video for “Hell Is In Hello” from their recent, skull-crushing debut album Born Into The Twisting Rope. The video was shot and edited by Mathias Coulouri, and written and directed by Industrial Puke along with the cast.

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“The lyrics for ‘Hell Is In Hello’ delve into somebody feeling out of touch with humanity while at the same time being acutely aware of sharing all of its ugliest traits. The video was written and directed by Industrial Puke in collaboration with Mathias Coulouri at Coulouri Photography in the spring of 2023.

“It expresses humanity as a cult reaching its inevitable end under an authoritarian leader. The group agrees, initially out of fear, but eventually willingly, to revel in a joint demise, until it finally disappears all together.”

Industrial Puke is the new death metal-informed hardcore punk band featuring Linus Jägerskog (Burst), Jens Ekelin (Rentokiller), Mattias Rasmusson (Obstruktion, Gust, Blessings), Marko Partanen, and Erik Harald (Rentokiller). Born Into The Twisting Rope is available here.

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