Hum Reissuing Four Albums on Vinyl

Hum are reissuing four of their albums on vinyl: 1993’s Electra 2000, 1995’s You’d Prefer an Astronaut, 1998’s Downward Is Heavenward, and 2020’s Inlet. The reissues are out December 8 via the band’s label Earth Analog, with distribution through Polyvinyl.

Hum said in a press release, “On a personal note, we remain grateful and humbled by the ongoing interest in our music from fans old and new. Sincerest thanks for the decades of support and kindness.” They oversaw the remastering, lacquer cutting, and manufacturing, and invited original designer Andy Mueller, aka Ohio Girl, to update the artwork. The band has no plans to record new music or tour, according to a press release. The reissues, which exclude the debut LP Hum recorded with a different lineup, are the band’s first activity since drummer Bryan St. Pere died in 2021.

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