Glasser Shares New Song “All Lovers”: Listen

Glasser, the electropop project of Cameron Mesirow, has shared a new song called “All Lovers.” It’s the latest preview of Crux, her first new studio album in a decade, ahead of its release on October 6 via One Little Independent. Give the song a listen below.

“I was going through a break-up, and I just sang some of the words that were on the page and felt their shape more than their meaning,” Mesirow said of the new single. “On the last record, I sometimes felt I was laboring words that I then regretted later. I really struggled with myself and my identity around that because I think of myself an articulate person, but this is just another area for me. I am articulate in speech, but I’m more of a melodic person. I think the color conveys the message better than my words ever could.”

This is the second single to be released from Crux, with “All Lovers” following “Vine.” The new LP is her first full-length since 2013’s Interiors, marking a long-awaited comeback in album form. Back in 2018, Glasser released the 17-minute-long mix Sextape

When describing her new record, Mesirow said she wanted to create something where “all the parts” sound like they’re separated. “I was thinking like jazz, actually,” she explained. “It was about getting back to writing music after feeling a bit disconnected from the machinery around making music your profession.”

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