&friends Releases Compelling Two Track EP, ‘Ominira’

&friends has continually proven himself to be the master at tribal and afro house, with an incredible gift at crafting the finest grooves you’ll ever hear.

Now, he’s back with a robust EP ‘Ominira’ in collaboration with fellow producer Samuel Cosmic, signed to his Hidden Hands imprint. ‘Ominira’ is a 2-track delivery, with “Halele” and “Ineko” showcasing returning core vocalists Oluwadamvic and Phina Asa. Meaning “Liberty” in the poetic native language of Yoruba, ‘Ominira’ reflectively weaves together a captivating narrative of resilience, defiance and triumph. Personal at its core, across both tracks Oluwadamvic and Phina take listeners on a melodic journey that explores themes of perseverance, freedom and oppression. 

Check it out below!