Former WWE star is not happy about CM Punk’s “Abortion Rights Are Human Rights” shirt on AEW Dynamite

Former WWE star Chad Lail (fka Jaxson Ryker) took to Twitter to give his thoughts about CM Punk wearing a shirt that said “Abortion rights are human rights!” on AEW Dynamite.

Punk was shown wearing the shirt as he walked out to do commentary during the match between Hangman Adam Page and Konosuke Takeshita. As Punk made his way to the announcer’s table, Excaliber complimented him for wearing the shirt.

Lail tweeted the following over an hour later: “How is wearing an ‘Abortion rights are human rights’ shirt on live tv stand for Human rights? Aborting a baby is taking away that living breathing child’s rights. Truly sad. That baby has rights. It’s a human. Jesus change hearts. Jesus we need you”

Punk likely has yet to see the tweet but if you are betting on a response, then you would likely win that bet.