EXTOL Teases First New Album In 10 Years

Extol recently announced a reunion show for Furnace Fest 2023, but they’ve got more plans than just that one show. In a lengthy post about the band’s 30th anniversary, Extol ended by saying there are “rumors” of a new studio album being worked on. The album would be Extol‘s first since their 2013 self-titled.

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“We are so grateful for all the fine people we have met over the years, and all the great bands we’ve had the pleasure of playing with,” wrote Extol at the end of the post. “It has been a long journey, but it’s not over. We have a couple of shows this fall, and there are rumors of Extol members meeting in the studio.”

Extol‘s reunited lineup includes drummer David Husvik and guitarist and vocalist Ole Børud, both of who were a part of the 2013 Extol reunion album. The duo are joined by guitarist Christer Espevoll, who quit the band in 2004; guitarist Tor Magne Glidje, who stayed in the band until their breakup in 2007; and Fleshkiller guitarist and vocalist Elisha Mullins in place of Peter Espevoll, though only in live settings. So who knows who’ll be handling vocal duties in the studio.

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