EXMORTUS Covers YANNI & VIVALDI On New Song “Storm Of Strings”

Exmortus is here to take Yanni‘s “The Storm” and Antonio Vivaldi‘s “The Four Seasons”, and mash ’em together into one crushing metal song that’ll break your fingers. Maybe Exmortus will play this at the Metal Injection festival? Who knows! Aside from Exmortus. I’m sure they know.

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“We’ve been meaning to cover this piece for a long time and now it feels right for Necrophony,” said Exmortus guitarist and vocalist Conan. “Honoring two artists at once, we give you a heavy metal shred version of Yanni‘s arrangement of Vivaldi‘s Summer Concerto. Enjoy the groove, enjoy the passion!”

Exmortus will release Necrophony on August 25. Pre-orders are available here.

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