Dead Times (The Body’s Lee Buford) Announce Debut Album

Dead Times, the project of Lee Buford (The Body) and Steven Vallot (Muslin, Winter Line), have announced their self-titled debut album and shared the lead single “Psyche Surprises Love.”

Buford and Vallot both hail from an industrial/noise background, and Dead Times melds their particular brands of harshness into a singular unit. “Psyche Surprises Love” features discernible percussion — a sort of thwop-thwop in the distance — but the rest unfurls itself in a tapestry of chaos. Grinding noise builds to a climactic vocal crescendo courtesy of Buford, as screams of horror suddenly overwhelm the other textures.

The two musicians go way back, as it were, to their days when they shared a Providence, Rhode Island, DIY space called The Sickle in the late aughts. There, the two would start the short-lived Aum War imprint, releasing early records by The Body and Assembly of Light Choir (that have since become sought after artifacts for fans of The Body).

“Emerging over a decade later, Dead Times connects the threads of the untethered extremes of [Buford and Vallot’s] origins to the mastery of production, composition and structure each member has cultivated in their time apart,” states the band’s press release.

Buford is currently pulling double duty, as The Body and Dead Times are on tour together. The groups will make their next stop Tuesday (August 22nd) for a gig in Boise, Idaho, and you can get tickets to their upcoming shows here.

Pre-order Dead Times’ self-titled debut album via Bandcamp. You can stream “Psyche Surprises Love” and see the album art and tracklist below.

Dead Times Artwork:

dead times artwork

Dead Times Tracklist:
01. Rosewater
02. Their teeth are spears and Indian swords
03. Psyche Surprises Love
04. Black Paintings
05. I and Thou
06. Comfort and Control
07. Pietà
08. Be Glad