Dax Harwood responds to Mick Foley, will Mick sign with AEW?

For weeks, FTR had been dropping hints about the legendary Bret “The Hitman” Hart joining them as their manager in AEW. There were many hints on social media and during a backstage segment with The Young Bucks. There have also been hints during FTR’s matches and the rumors continued to swirl after Big Time Wrestling announced that Hart would manager FTR this June. CM Punk has also been mentioning Hart in ways that suggested that he may be AEW-bound and Punk said during a media scrum that Hart deserves to be getting big paydays, like guys like Goldberg are getting.

WWE apparently realized that one of the biggest names in the history of the business was about to sign with AEW and so he was convinced to sign a very lucrative deal. Another major name who is not signed is Mick Foley. If AEW were to sign Foley, he would give the company a huge boost because he would be a recognizable name that could help them close some business deals, such as a possible streaming deal with a major provider.

Surprisingly, Foley is not under WWE contract. He tweeted, “Dear @DaxFTR and
@CashWheelerFTR – can you guys start mentioning me on here and tag @VinceMcMahon in?

Thanks, Mick”

Dax responded, “REPORT: Mick Foley to manage Bret Hart who will manage FTR.”

So the question is…Dax mentioned Mick today – Is Mick Foley AEW-bound?