Cypress Hill’s Weed Rap Helped Birth Stoner Culture: Podcast

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For the final episode of The Opus: Cypress Hillwe finally address the large, skunk-smelling elephant in the room: Cypress Hill’s unabashed love for ganja. With records like their self-titled, the group essentially put weed rap on the map.

The impact of Cypress Hill was immediately apparent. Beyond its sonic influence, other rappers began penning bars that further expanded upon the glory of marijuana. Artists like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre often are praised as pioneers of weed rap — and rightfully so — but let’s not forget that before Cypress Hill, Dre had bragged about never touching the grass. After Cypress Hill, though, came The Chronic.

Cypress Hill’s cannabis-infused image extended far beyond the music. Outspoken advocates for legalizing marijuana, the group championed all things weed culture, and in turn became some of the community’s best known ambassadors.

Join host Jill Hopkins as she explores all of this with help from B-Real, Sen Dog, Chuck D, and more. Then, for another another look into the mind of Cypress Hill, check out the 10 hip-hop albums Sen Dog thinks you should own, which you can also hear him discuss on the Consequence UNCUT podcast. You can also check out our exclusive Hip-Hop 50 and The Opus merch over at the Consequence Shop, or grab yours using the buy-now buttons below.

Original music by Tony Piazza.