CREED Has No Plans After Their 2024 Cruise

Creed will finally reunite in 2024 as part of a Creed cruise. And much like any one-off reunion show, fans are expecting more to happen shortly thereafter. Though according to vocalist Scott Stapp in an interview with Jason Bailey of Audacy Check In, there are no future plans for the band outside the cruise.

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“We don’t have anything planned after that right now,” said Stapp. “It’s baby steps. But you know what? Relationships were positive, we support each other. And so we’ll see what happens from there. But right now I’m just excited to get back on stage with those guys. I respect them all so much. And I can’t wait to have a good time on that cruise and play some Creed tunes.”

Stapp also touched on how the reunion came to be, saying that it was probably in the works long before Creed themselves actually knew about it. “That was something I think managers were talking about for a long time before the artists were approached,” he said. “And so then we were approached and everyone signed on. [We] thought it would be a good way to kind of kick things off and see what happens.”

I’d imagine a full-on Creed reunion is on hold for the moment, as Stapp just posted the first single off his currently-unannounced new solo album. So maybe once that whole cycle ends, it’ll be Creed time? Who knows. In the meantime, enjoy the gloriously God-friendly butt rock that is Stapp‘s new single “Higher Power” below.

“Life’s mysteries can be unraveled by listening to one’s inner voice,” said Stapp of the single. “For me, that means leaning on my faith in God and listening to His voice to guide me through the struggles and darkness. For others, whether it’s through art, nature, science, family, or a combination of all, tapping into a higher power is an individualized process that requires an open mind and a willingness to flow with a force that’s greater than the individual.”

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