Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg Drop Bottoms Soundtrack: Stream

The Elizabeth Banks-produced sex comedy Bottoms has hit theaters, and now, its soundtrack featuring music by Charli XCX and composer Leo Birenberg is out, too. Stream the album below.

Spanning 27 songs, the Bottoms soundtrack features music co-composed by Charli and Birenberg, ranging in style and intensity. Tracks like “BOTTOMS” and “Sex with Mrs. Callahan” bring the upbeat, bit-crushed pop maximalism that you’d hope for from a Charli tune. Meanwhile, slower, more ambient tracks like “Josie and Juvie” and “Study Buddies” send the listener floating off into a vibey, ethereal atmosphere.

The soundtrack is augmented by additional production from The 1975’s George Daniel and longtime Charli collaborator A. G. Cook. Some Charli-heavy songs, like “Yes No Okay,” even feature guitar distortion and the rhythmic scratches, swooshes, and scrapes reminiscent of Cook’s 7G era, with Charli’s vocals carrying the perfect attitude over top. In total, the songs come together to articulate the raunchy playfulness that Bottoms as a whole leans into.

Bottoms was directed by Emma Seligman and stars Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri as two gay seniors in high school who start a fight club in an effort to lose their virginity to the popular cheerleaders. Their plan is a success and the club becomes popular, but as they garner more and more attention, Sennott and Edebiri struggle to keep their true intentions a secret. The film premieres in select theaters today, with a wider release coming on September 1st.

Birenberg previously provided scores for the Netflix television series Cobra Kai, as well as the recent Weird Al parody biopic. Meanwhile, Charli is a soundtrack queen, and recently appeared on the OST for the summer’s biggest blockbuster, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie.

Bottoms (Original Motion Picture Score) Artwork:

Charli XCX Leo Birenbirg Bottoms soundtrack album stream

Bottoms (Original Motion Picture Score) Tracklist:
01. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – BOTTOMS
02. Charli XCX – Yes No Okay
03. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – School Fair
04. Leo Birenberg – Jeff
05. Leo Birenberg – Vehicular Jeff-slaughter
06. Leo Birenberg – Tim to the Rescue
07. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – Lockers
08. Leo Birenberg – Huntington Horrors
09. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – Mr. G
10. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – Teaching Each Other
11. Leo Birenberg – Tim’s Suspicions
12. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – Josie at Juvie
13. Leo Birenberg – Study Buddies
14. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – Car Wash
15. Leo Birenberg – Not in the System
16. Leo Birenberg – Sex with Mrs. Callahan
17. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – All Night
18. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – Be With
19. Leo Birenberg – Thank You for Attending Today’s Pep Rally
20. Leo Birenberg – QB Murders
21. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – The Final Fucking Hour
22. Leo Birenberg – Need to Stop the Game
23. Leo Birenberg – Setting Up the Bomb
24. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – Pineapple Juice
25. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – Final Face-Off
26. Leo Birenberg – End Credits
27. Charli XCX and Leo Birenberg – Dream [Alternate Fight Sequence]