Captain Marvel Stars in New Midnight Suns Spotlight Trailer

The Midnight Suns cast has been getting its own slate of individual spotlight trailers before the game’s October 7 release and the newest one focuses on Captain Marvel. The clip shows some of her skills, which look to focus on high-powered beams and punches.

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The intricacies of these blasts and bashes will have to wait, as this video is more of a teaser for the inevitable gameplay showcase. These more extensive videos that drop a few days after the spotlights explain a hero’s particular strengths and how they work within its tactical combat.

Whereas Doctor Strange is a support hero, Spider-Man is a nimble fighter, Iron Man is a resource-hungry but strong damage dealer, and Captain America is a defensive (but still offensively strong) powerhouse, Captain Marvel’s role has yet to be defined. It does call her a “burning bruiser” and given her strength-based abilities, it is possible she is more offensively skewed.

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