By Storm (fka Injury Reserve) Share Debut Single “Double Trio”: Stream

Following the 2020 death of rapper Stepa J. Groggs, the surviving members of Injury Reserve are officially ushering in a new era. Today, Ritchie With a T and Parker Corey have unveiled a double music video that is both their final as Injury Reserve, and their debut single under the new moniker By Storm.

The new video features a visual for “Bye Storm,” the final track off Injury Reserve’s 2021 album By The Time I Get to Phoenix. Directed by Corey, it’s a compilation of low-definition DIY footage that seems to predate Groggs’ passing. The clip then seamlessly transitions into “Double Trio,” an energetic, woozy track that acts as a powerful (re-)introduction to By Storm.

“To respect the specificity of all three of us as Injury Reserve, we have decided not to make new music under this name,” reads a press release. “Nathaniel and Parker have continued working together and plan to release under By Storm as a hand off from our work within Injury Reserve.”

By Storm also recently sat down for an hour-long live chat with Harmony Holiday for her Mythscience Talks series, discussing the new moniker and the future of the duo. You can watch that in full, as well as the video for “Bye Storm” and “Double Trio,” below.

Ritchie With a T and Parker Corey’s final release with Groggs was their 2019 debut album Injury Reserve.