Booker T comments on a possible return to full-time commentary for WWE – Wrestling News

WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T talked about his return to commentary this week on Monday Night Raw. 

Booker was asked if this means that he will return to commentary full-time. He said, “I’m not looking to get back to the table or anything like that, but I’m all about the check.” He added, “What I mean by that is I’m all about taking care of my family, so any income coming in, my kids are going to be the recipients in the long run. I’m going to push myself to the limit. If they were to ask me to come back to the table, I would go. There again, working that 52-week a year schedule, it’s a monster being in a different city every week, as well as everything else I have going on hosting SmackTalk. I still have a few more episodes to shoot with that. With this, The Hall of Fame, and Reality of Wrestling, but you know what man? I say, ‘I never have time for anything, but I make time.’ So yeah, I would get the work done.”

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