Billie Eilish Debuts “What Was I Made For?” at Lollapalooza

Billie Eilish performed “What Was I Made For?” live for the first time during her headlining set at Lollapalooza on Thursday.

Eilish wrote the poignant piano ballad for the Barbie movie after being commissioned by director Greta Gerwig and music producer Mark Ronson. The song soundtracks a home video montage near the end of the film. Following its release, “What Was I Made For?” debuted in the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Beyond the song premiere, Eilish’s Lollapalooza set was notable for being powered powered by a solar farm. The climate-friendly performance was part of the Music Decarbonization Project co-founded by Eilish in partnership with the environmental non-profit REVERB.

Next up, Eilish will headline Montreal’s Osheaga Festival on Saturday. You can find tickets to all of her upcoming shows here.