Bill DeMott and Mark Henry want Tammy Sytch removed from the WWE Hall Of Fame

Former WWE Superstar/trainer Bill Demott (Hugh Morris) is calling on WWE to remove Tammy Sytch from the WWE Hall Of Fame.

DeotMt tweeted, “When do we start holding people #accountable BEFORE they kill themselves or someone else? When do we decide as law makers and judges that we DO NOT get to decide who should and shouldn’t be punished? When do organizations speak up for EVERYONE not just influential cases? #WHEN”

A press release sent out by the Keri Anne DeMott Foundation says that WWE should remove a “repeat DUI offender and now killer of an innocent man, Tamara Sunny Sytch from it’s Hall of Fame.”

The press release also mentions Sytch’s recent arrest and that her blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit. The DeMott family lost their daughter, Keri Anne Demott, to a drunk driver in 2016.

AEW’s Mark Henry also agreed with DeMott’s sentiment.