BESRA’s New Single “Sentinels” Is An Absolute Crusher

Finnish progressive post-metal act Besra is here to steamroll you right into the ground with their massive new single “Sentinels”. The single is the opener of Besra‘s forthcoming new record Transitions due out September 29, and features a music video directed by Atte Heinonen.

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“The song is on the heavier side of the album, so we absolutely wanted to make a powerful playing video for it,” said Besra drummer Ville Kaisla. “On the other hand, the lyrical side of ‘Sentinels’ also conveys a strong sense of frustration, making it feel very natural to add a visual narrative to it.

“The song itself is a story about the deterioration of human behavior and its negative effects on our environment. This has led to us losing both the connection and appreciation for nature and ourselves. We wanted to contribute our thoughts to maintain this important discussion.”

Pre-orders for Sentinels are available here.

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