AEW Not Closing The Door For Stu Grayson’s Return

AEW continues to undergo changes over the years and as such, there will always be talent who no longer remain with the company. Stu Grayson was the latest talent that left the company as he was removed from the roster page. AEW also isn’t closing the door for Stu Grayson’s return.

Grayson has been with the company since 2019 when he joined Evil Uno to form The Dark Order. He was not used on AEW television for a while, which made fans suspect something was wrong.

Stu Grayson and AEW were unable to reach a deal after his contract had expired. According to Fightful Select, it was said that AEW is not closing the door for Stu Grayson’s return.

Talent that we’ve spoken to say that All Elite Wrestling had offered a new deal and wanted to retain Grayson, but that terms were not reached by May 1 and the deal expired. Those that we’ve spoken to don’t believe that the door is closed on a potential return.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Stu Grayson and whether he will be making his return to AEW somewhere down the line or not.

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